Everton fan absolutely finishes off a troll mocking Wayne Rooney’s return back to the Merseyside

A lot of times virtual rivalry between supporters of adversarial clubs ends in a few chuckles and possibly along with a meme here and there, but one Everton fan has made a lifelong reputation with just 17 words.

A Manchester United loyalist decided to celebrate Romelu Lukaku’s recent signing by taking a dig at Everton, claiming that United took their best player (Rooney) 13 years ago only to “sling him back” in 2017 and land their current best one (Lukaku).

Not taking it lying down, an Evertonian absolutely demolished the United fan by explaining how their former manager, David Moyes, had inflicted much greater damage in just 6 months by undoing the Red Devils’ 25 year dynasty instead!

With over 25,000 re-tweets and 45,000 likes compared to a measly 1,000 re-tweets and likes for the United fan’s tweet, it is safe to say that Evertonians won this round hands down. Your move, chuckles!

Check out the Everton fan’s savagery on display below –

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