Virgil van Dijk camp caught spreading the Liverpool propaganda on social media

Just when Liverpool fans must have thought that the incessant Virgil Van Dijk saga has come to a halt as latest rumors now suggest that the Merseyside club have made an offer for Lyon’s Emanuel Mammana as an alternative signing, some new developments, yet again, point towards Van Dijk’s interest in Liverpool.

An Instagram user by the name ‘philipuby’ was spotted liking a photoshopped image of Van Dijk in a Liverpool jersey. The story seems ordinary up till the moment you realise that Phil happens to be a close friend of the Southampton defender. His instagram account features many pictures of him with VVD.

As Van Dijk’s buddy, it’s quite a possibility that Phil may know more about his friend’s inclination towards Liverpool than anyone else and therefore, even though this is a very small hint, it still is enough to make the fans scratch their head and wonder if Van Dijk will join their team or not, yet again.

The fans will hope that Liverpool finally end up signing Van Dijk and bring an end to this dramatic rigmarole. Check out the Instagram activity from Van Dijk’s friend below –

4 thoughts on “Virgil van Dijk camp caught spreading the Liverpool propaganda on social media”

    1. my message to Van Dijk.

      come on lad, if you really want to play for liverpool

      grow some balls and hand in a transfer request & state destination only Liverpool. Stick a Liverpool top on ‘Costa Style’ and get your mate to take a pic outside Southampton Train station ‘message – New Journey , first class upgrade !!! ;-)’

      and then work out which shelf you want your first premier league medal on as a Liverpool Player come next May.

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