Pic: Everton are going places as Malaysian newspaper dedicates a whole page to the Toffees

Wayne Rooney is truly the ambassador of English football, he has a brand value attached to his name and Everton seem to be gaining a lot of attention after his return to Goodison park after 13 amazing years at Manchester United.

The blue side of Merseyside have always been dominated by the red side when it comes to media coverage but it seems things are changing after the kind of transfer window they are having.

As a result a Malaysian newspaper dedicated a whole page to the Toffees which is a rare site even in England. Everton fans reacted with “Welcome back brother” showing how much they love their teenage hero who earned the respect of the entire footballing world.

The fans are going insane after his stunning strike against Gor Mahia FC in a friendly only his second match after his return. The fans just couldn’t be happier right now with all the positive attention there club has been receiving lately.

Via @ric_wee, check out the entire page of Malaysian newspaper dedicated to Everton below –

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