A Chelsea sticker on Torino hotshot Andrea Belotti’s luggage has caused a big stir in Italy

Chelsea’s hunt for a striker doesn’t look like stopping, after their prime target, Romelu Lukaku joined Manchester United last week they extended their search to Spain and Germany.

Rumors of a Alvaro Morata bid popped up a while ago, and the latest to join their target list could very well be Italian striker Andrea Bellotti after a recent interesting development.

According to Italian website Galassia Granata, apparently a fan spotted a Chelsea sticker on his luggage, which looks like a good sign for the English champions but also causing a big stir in Italy.

Check out a picture of the same below –

Bellotti had an amazing 2016-17 season at Torino scoring 28 goals in 38 matches, he would be a difficult guy to let go for a striker to be in such a sublime form as he is.

On the other hand Chelsea who are already in talks with Atletico to sell off Diego Costa will be looking for an impact striker who would fit into the Conte’s plan for the next season.

Antonio Conte’s Italian influence might help Chelsea pull off the deal which is going to be an interesting one due to the lack of strikers in this year’s transfer market.

3 thoughts on “A Chelsea sticker on Torino hotshot Andrea Belotti’s luggage has caused a big stir in Italy”

  1. if you would ask me, selling Matic isn’t the ideal to do thing right now, strategically looking at the situations at the club I think Conte should be aware of his impact from last summer, I believe he should keep him, and as for PEA, he’s a fantastic player no doubt, but the kind of striker Chelsea need is some that has the mindset touch, a classic styled goal poacher in the make of Diego Costa kind, with the likes of Higuain, Dybala and Belotti, but PEA to Chelsea is good but not psychologically matured in important games, I don’t see Costa leaving the club right now but will remain for another summer, keeping player like Costa and PEA will be Ideal for the club, Costa and Belotti will be Perfect for Chelsea fc, or Chelsea swapping Griezmann for Costa, pairing with PEA

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  2. I think is a good ideal to sign kaita, pea. And bolite. It we be a good addition to the club. Kaita is such an amazing talent . I was warching him at afcon he was amazing. If chelsea can get him it we be wonderful.

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