Cesc Fabregas absolutely ruined two Chelsea team-mates during this training drill today (Video)

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas remains an invaluable asset despite the lack of opportunities. The Spaniard was used scarcely by Antonio Conte, but weighed in with crucial assists and goals in the limited time he was awarded. Now in a video clip that was leaked online, the former Barcelona man made up for his lack of speed with shrewdness.

In just another training session ahead of the pre-season, Chelsea troika of Willian, Pedro and Fabregas were supposedly pitted against each other in a race to collect four barricade-shaped objects, one by one, and place at the high end of a stick.

With each being assigned a color, Willian begins the race on the front foot, only to watch Fabregas complete his task before all else. Before you think that he upped his speed to win it, watch the video once again. The secret actually lies in a brilliant strategy used by him.

If you notice carefully, Fabregas begins by collecting the nearest object first, then runs in the same direction to collect the next. After two down, he uses the same strategy for the remaining ones. The idea here was to continue running along the direction of momentum rather than changing the course of run at every turn which Pedro and Willian did, and eventually, tired themselves out.

It was coup de maitre from a man who is so under-rated and hardly given his due of acclamation. But now, finds himself at the center of all the eulogy that the fans are waxing at him.

Check out the bit from training below –

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