Legendary Tottenham fan Kenneth Branagh COYSing hard during the world premiere of Dunkirk (Video)

The best way to spot a real football fan is to mention the name of their favourite club in the unlikeliest of places to do so. If they respond back with enthusiasm, you know you’re in the company of an honourable supporter.

Legendary actor Sir Kenneth Branagh reiterated his love for Tottenham Hotspur in similar fashion during the world premier of his upcoming blockbuster movie ‘Dunkirk’ recently.

Sir Kenneth’s loyalty towards the club is very well known. He was responsible for making a short movie paying tribute to Tottenham’s former home, the White Hart Lane, and even narrated a touching eulogy to the ground during the farewell game there.

Apart from greeting with a curt “COYS!” during an interview at the premiere, the big Spurs fan even promised to cheer on the club during their first home game at the Wembley Stadium against Chelsea on 20th August as well.

Check out Sir Kenneth proclaiming loyalty to Tottenham below –

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