Pic: Bristol City defender Aden Flint teasing Leeds United fans with this Twitter activity earlier today

Though only for a short span, Aden Flint managed to grab a few Leeds eye balls with his suspicious Twitter activity today.

In a post by a certain Leeds United fan describing its all okey-dokey if the Bristol City defender joins them, Flint himself was found to have liked the post initially before ‘unliking’ it. His actions sparked a furor in both the fan bases as speculations of him joining the Championship rivals made the rounds.

That one ‘like’ from the 29-year old was enough to cause a debate for a few hours until he himself simmered it down by hitting the button again. May be Flint came to the knowledge about the rumors he inadvertently ignited through his activity, and then chose to douse it all off.

Whatever it may be, Flint, if really not moving to Leeds, would want to shush this issue under the carpet now.

Check out a screenshot of the said activity captured by an eagle eyed Leeds fan below –

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