Tottenham fan reveals Kyle Walker’s kid is distraught at the thought of leaving Spurs for Man City

After showing the exit route to a whole host of players like Zabaleta, Sagna, Caballero, Navas and finalising deals for Ederson and Bernardo Silva in the initial stages of the transfer window, the blue side of Manchester have not been very active in terms of transfers lately.

But City are making their presence felt again, as they have signed right-back Kyle Walker, making him the most expensive defender in the world after agreeing a deal with Spurs that could exceed £50million.

City lost the bidding war to sign Dani Alves, who has ended up at PSG, and had to finally settle for Kyle Walker by meeting Tottenham’s asking price.

The move from London to Manchester may be a dream come true for the English right back, but for his 5 year old Spurs fanatic kid, the news comes as a bit of a heartbreak.

Twitter user and ardent Spurs fan Gav, in one of his tweets revealed that Walker’s son, who is a Tottenham Fan, has been crying since he came to know about the move.

It is usual for children to get upset about the prospect of shifting places, but the fact that the 5 year old is also a Spur’s supporter only adds to the kid’s agony

Walker will hope that he and his family adapt well to the atmosphere in Manchester and he stands up to the fans’ expectations.

20 thoughts on “Tottenham fan reveals Kyle Walker’s kid is distraught at the thought of leaving Spurs for Man City”

      1. If he has winners medals!.Remember that many players have failed at City.Money has bought you success but it has not been the sustained success that clubs who developed rather than purchased their teams have.City may just find that Walker is a good defender but not a great one.

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        1. Col, since 1961, yes fifty-six years ago, over half a century, your big club hasn’t won the top league title. Heck, City won the title in 1968 at a time when your lot was filching the best players from other clubs: Alan Brazil, Mike England, just two examples. Then in later years you carried on filching the best players; Paul Stewart from us, Gascoigne from Newcastle, YET STILL NO TITLE. Go get a life.

          Oh’ and another thing, look up season 1973/74!!!!!!! City was a top-four fixture in those days. Where was your lot?

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  1. Manchester City fan here. A message to Kyle’s kiddie (the article doesn’t give your name lad): You are only five but be a grown-up. Be loyal to your parents, be loyal to your school, be loyal to your friends, be loyal to your football team Tottenham Hotspur. You will understand when you are older that your dad sometimes must do what is best for his professional ambition and for you and your mum. Oh’ and don’t ask your dad how Sheffield United are doing!

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        1. Two seasons running? For a financially doped club with unlimited monopoly money to spend? Bit lame!

          Try getting over yourself and giving some credit where it’s due. Spurs have built a fantastic young team and from the best youth set-up in England to an exciting young manager, great training facilities and soon the second biggest but best club stadium in England, have a hell of a lot going for them. And all done solely by revenues generated by the club. If you want a bit of respect you have to give it. I’m sure City fans don’t like it pointing out that they were never part of the Big Five and are just having some bloke with no real connection buying some trophies out of vanity with oil money while keeping his own people in poverty – the less successful Chelsea of the North.

          Besides, you have no idea how the next season, or the future in general, will pan out. Learn to show some respect and you might actually get some back.

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          1. S-P and the rest of you slagging off Manchester City. Every time you fill up your car you are topping up our transfer kitty. Just keep that thought prominent in your thoughts when every time you reach for the nozzle. Enjoy!

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        1. I’m a pedestrian. You FAIL 🙂

          Clearly, that is all we have to do to stop City…not about football, just convert everyone to pedestrians/cyclists and you are fooked 🙂

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    1. This is one of the most grown-up and sensible posts I have ever seen by any football fan. Congratulations, enjoy Kyle at City, but I still hope you finish behind Spurs – in second place! A Spurs fan since 1960.

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  2. I don’t blame Walker, he is in the last few years of his career so needs to look after his pension pot, I do blame Le, money is everything, vy, for once ageing succumbing to the £ and weakening the side. Are we sending up with a new stadium and the best players gone to fund it. Not even the groomers did that

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  3. I don’t blame Walker, he is in the last few years of his career so needs to look after his pension pot, I do blame Le, money is everything, vy, for once ageing succumbing to the £ and weakening the side. Are we ending up with a new stadium and the best players gone to fund it. Not even the gooners did that

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  4. Walker isn’t as good as he thinks he is, his final ball is awful.
    I think it’s a great bit of business for Spurs. Walker saying
    Pep is a great coach and improves players, well I think that
    is his job! Poch is one of the best coaches in the PL and I
    wouldn’t have swapped Spurs for Man City, but then I’m
    not arrogant or money mad.

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    1. We’re not buying him for his final ball, wake wakey, Pep Guardiola will make him a better player than he is. Don’t pretend that he isn’t a loss, he helped you to second last season, all be it because half of Manchester City’s squad were over 30.

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      1. Blah blah blah.
        You have spent an almost limitless fortune in unearned revenues on that squad – if it was shite two seasons running, don’t blame us 🙂

        Pochettino made him a much better player than he was – we watched that happening before our eyes. Many players that he has improved have had big transfers and actually regressed. Maybe you should wait and see what happens. We replaced him with a better player who is younger at half the price…sucker 🙂

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  5. Hilarious how City and Walker are being bashed by almost everyone, yet it is Spurs fault for his over inflated price tag. Spurs has joined the likes of Everton, Man United and Chelsea in inflating the transfer market for English talent. The selling club sets the transfer fee, Manchester City are just the victims of the FA’s and EUFA’s homegrown quota. This won’t be the case in future though, Manchester City’s City Football Adacemy are about for produce some of the best talent in the continent. Brahim Diaz, Jadon Sancho, Phil Foden the latest who are on tour with the City first team squad in the US this year.

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    1. You are priceless.

      It’s everyone else’s fault for taking advantage of your desperate need to buy your way to success and charging inflated fees 🙂 Here’s a thought: don’t pay them!

      Boo hoo, poor City…makin’ is have homegrowded players like der ovver clubs. It snot fair. Stamps foot.

      Oh, and Jadon Sancho jumped ship, he was desperate to join Spurs but you wouldn’t let him…something Daniel Levy will not forget 🙂

      Our youth set-up has plenty more of ‘the best talent on the contintent’ lined up to join ‘the best talent on the continent’ who came the youth set-up and are already playing in the first team 🙂

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