Pic: Tottenham players spotted rocking striking new training kit from Nike before the Ebbsfleet game

CD Palencia gained all type of humiliation because of their 2016-17 kit, the new Spurs training kit isn’t too far off from that.

Ebbsfleet United’s official Twitter posted a photo of young Tottenham players training in their new training kit, which they reckon looked “complicated” and quite indeed it is.

Its hard for the fans and even the opponents to digest the fact that Nike can up with something like that. It wasn’t long ago when the home and away kits of Spurs and Chelsea respectively leaked in USA and Nike were criticized for their lack of imagination.

After signing a new deal with Nike, Spurs would be earning three times more than they earlier for for their Under Armour deal.

All the fans can hope is Nike come up with something better before the season starts or there is gonna be lot of trolls coming up soon.

Check out the picture below –

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