A staunch Australian Tottenham fan crashed Arsenal’s friendly against Sydney Wanderers (Video)

The game of football is replete with fierce domestic rivalries, the most notable ones of which is played out in the northern part of London, where you love either Arsenal or Tottenham, and fence-sitters are simply not tolerated.

With a history dating back more than a hundred years, the North London Derby is seeped in tradition and is keenly awaited by football fans all around the world.

A small event evidencing the international popularity that the rivalry boasts of was on display during Arsenal’s ongoing pre-season tour in Australia recently.

During the Gunners’ encounter against West Sydney Wanderers, a lone Tottenham fan found himself surrounded by a sea of Arsenal supporters.

As expected, cops had to step in and take him away (for his own safety, probably) amidst wild chants of “We won the league at White Hart Lane!” while the lone ranger roused up sentiments by reminding the crowd about Arsenal’s position on the table last season.

Foolish or brave? Decide for yourself after watching the video below –

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