(Video) So all it took was a horrible touch from Man Utd first teamer to see Anthony Martial smile

Anthony Martial might not be very generous when it comes to flashing smiles, but a ghastly pass from a team-mate never hurt anyone (or maybe it did, if you ask a Manchester United photographer).

For the uninitiated who have absolutely no clue about what that sentence meant, there is a meme doing rounds on social media these days depicting a grim Martial as somebody who shows the same serious expression for every emotion known to mankind.

But it all changed and Martial cracked up when comrade Marouane Fellaini produced a hideous pass that ended up hitting a poor photographer who was busy capturing the Red Devils’ training session on his camera.

While an embarrassed Fellaini swallowed his pride and went back into the drill unfazed amidst orders from a coach to continue passing, he deserves a pat on his back for making Martial smile on camera.

Finally! Check out Martial’s light moment during United training below –

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