(Video) Hugo Lloris’s fantastic tackle to deny Chris Wood during Tottenham’s 1-1 draw v Burnley

Another game at Wembley, another disappointing result for Tottenham.

Losing to bitter rivals Chelsea, which was followed by a draw against Burnley, their miserable form at the national team stadium has been well highlighted.

Positives were hard to find for Spurs fans during their Burnley draw, maybe except for this fantastic tackle by captain Hugo Lloris towards the end of the game.

With Burnley’s record signing Chris Wood bearing down on goal, Lloris came out of his area and executed a perfect tackle to dispossess his opponent.

The Tottenham defence were caught out of position, but the Frenchman came to their rescue after reading the danger early.

Frequently criticised for his lack of distribution ability, the French national team goalkeeper is an excellent shot-stopper and looking at his brilliant tackle; quite an effective sweeper too.

Check out the tackle below –

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