Pic: Pure class from Leeds United’s Stuart Dallas with this incredible gesture for a grieving husband

While Johnny Evans and Chris Brunt deservedly took all the plaudits for their performances in Northern Ireland’s impressive 2-0 win over the Czech Republic, it was Stuart Dallas who won the hearts of football fans around the world with a touching gesture towards a fan and his family.

A winger by trade for Leeds United, Stuart reached out to do his bit for a grieving family from his native Cookstown in Northern Ireland and what a touching gesture that turned out to be.

Dallas reportedly offered tickets to Jonathan Smyth and his kids for the game against the Czech Republic in an effort to show his solidarity and lift up their spirits after Smyth’s wife Jolene O’Hagan tragically passed away two months back.

Needless to say, Smyth was truly taken aback by the show of goodwill from the footballer and made sure to make his gratitude known by posting the story on social media.

Check out message (via @Rio17gfc) from Stuart Dallas below –

2 thoughts on “Pic: Pure class from Leeds United’s Stuart Dallas with this incredible gesture for a grieving husband”

  1. This is not the first show of kindness from Dallas .Not so long ago when in Vagas with hes wide he reach out to a homeless man

    LEEDS UNITED star Stuart Dallas has proved footballers can be generous people.

    While on honeymoon with his new wife Juneve, the newly-weds met a homeless man in Las Vegas.

    And instead of walking on by, the couple took him to a shop to buy what ever he needed .He also put himself out to go see a young lad that was ill just befor going on he’s honeymoon .

    Judith Wilson, whose eight-year-old son is unwell, said the winger paid little Alex a visit the day after the Northern Ireland’s homecoming celebration and just an hour before he left to go on honeymoon.

    “He came to our home the day after the big night in the Titanic Quarter and one hour before he left for his honeymoon to see our Alex,” she explained.

    “He is eight and has been quite ill from March and was in and out of Antrim hospital from that time
    “My husband Stephen Wilson sent him a message to ask him could he come see Alex and spend some time with him.

    “Stuart Dallas is Alex’s favourite Northern Ireland player and role model,” she added, “he even had to get his hair done like his – and he replied within minutes saying he would love to come see Alex.

    “Alex got the shock of his life when he opened the front door and Stuart was there. Honestly what a guy… and an absolute treasure to Cookstown.
    These acts of kindness are typical of Dallas
    A grate Footballer a good man and a ambassador for Leeds United

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  2. Well done to Stuart Dallas for all his kindness and consideration for others … you will surely make every Leeds United fans proud of you. It just goes to prove that footballers do have hearts.

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