Pic: Adidas Originals releases Manchester United 2017-18 Jersey and it’s an absolute belter

Adidas Originals officially released the 2017-18 Manchester United jersey recently.

The jersey boasts a bright red monochromatic look, inspired by the iconic away shirt of 1990-92. Manchester United fans of all ages will be able to recognize the bold graphic pattern from the away shirt, that defined soccer shirt design for an era.

Adidas will be hoping to bring in a sense of nostalgia amongst the fans, celebrating the rich history of the club.

Featuring the classic Sharp logo on the front, the jersey comes with a tonal Adidas Trefoil logo and the 3-stripes on the sleeves.

The ever-so popular V-neck collar back in the day has also been integrated into the design of the jersey.

Via Footyheadlines.com, check out the pictures below –

3 thoughts on “Pic: Adidas Originals releases Manchester United 2017-18 Jersey and it’s an absolute belter”

  1. If that is something called a belter I must have the wrong definition of belter in my vocabulary. It is absolutely atrocious, not even new thinking or design. It is something adapted from old, outrageously promoted by the Media who add insignificant superlatives to sell something that would only be useful for washing cars with. Whoever thinks this is a belter is colour blind not particular about what they wear or how they appear to the general public. It is akin to an 80 year old who has had a style by pass and thinks going out in his pyjamas and cosy bedroom slippers to the Supermarket is OK and in vogue instead of insane.

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