Pic: Looks like a Rangers fan successfully managed to rustle Celtic legend Chris Sutton online

Former Celtic striker Chris Sutton’s apparent distaste for Rangers has been well documented with Sutton trolling and taking jibes at every opportune moment.

That said though, fans, as they are, can be notorious and as a footballing personality, it is most wise not to ruffle their feathers as Sutton recently found out.

A Rangers fan posted a hilarious incident involving himself cruelly trolling the former Celtic forward. It all starts with a simple innocent request from the Gers fan asking Sutton to follow him on Twitter. Sutton who unsuspectingly complies, gets trolled hard by the Gers fan with a reference to his bankruptcy years ago.

The entire episode ends with Sutton blocking the Gers fan. Check out the savage prank from the Rangers fan below:

7 thoughts on “Pic: Looks like a Rangers fan successfully managed to rustle Celtic legend Chris Sutton online”

  1. Being accused of being nonce – a prison term for a child abuser – presumably because he once played for a traditionally Catholic football team (Rangers fans being notoriously anti-Catholic), is about as disgusting an insult as can be levelled at a man and father of 5 kids. It shows the disgusting level fans of the new team playing out of Ibrox (the original Rangers of course having gone into liquidation because of illegal tax avoidance and renting on debts)will sink to. It’s not bankruptcy (something the old Rangers knows well) but totally unfounded accusations of child abuse that got this filthy troll blocked.

    If he’s not been reported to twitter already I’ll do it now.

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  2. Typical Sevconian Newco Zombiified Muppet.They constantly bring up child abuse in Football matters.Thats the level of opposition thats Found supporting this New Tribute Act to the biggest cheats in Scottish Football History.The Cretins need to look inward at there own Despicable Club.There is a few wrong Doers.Big Chris keeping Them in Check.Get In There,Big Man….HH

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