Pic: Chelsea fans are going to absolutely love this Sky Sports combined XI before the Arsenal game

Come Sunday, fans will be treated to yet another highly sought-after and exciting clash as the Blues will host the Gunners at Stamford Bridge.

Relegation to the Europa League and a poor start to the current season shows just how badly Arsenal fares when compared to defending champions Chelsea, and the same sentiments were expressed by Sky Sports pundit Paul Merson, when he came up with his version of a combined XI team ahead of the match.

The former Arsenal midfielder managed to fit in just ONE player from Arsene Wenger’s squad, citing the manager’s current predicaments as justification for the same.

With just Alexis Sanchez making the cut, Merson subjected his ex-club to heavy criticism and heaped praise on Chelsea players.

Check out Paul Merson’s combined (read, Chelsea) XI for Sky Sports –

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