(Video) Chelsea YouTuber Sophie Rose savagely trolled the Arsenal fans before the game on Sunday

It seems everyone is having a dig at Arsenal these days!!

Arsenal fans have lately come under a lot of fire from different sections of the footballing world. From North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur to Europa League opponents FC Cologne and now Chelsea, the Gooners just can’t seem to catch a break from being trolled over and over again.

In the latest incident, CFC TV host Sophie Rose went on a trolling spree around the Emirates asking the Arsenal fans just where Arsenal’s European Cup trophy was, prompting a series of blank puzzled responses from the Gooners. Arsenal for the record have never once won the European Cup or the Champions League as it is called now.

Needless to say, Rose, the brunette Chelsea superfan got close to savage as one possibly could with the incident. Check out the video below –

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