(Video) Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe professes his love for Leeds United on ‘The One Show’

It is certainly no secret how much of a Leeds fan Hollywood superstar Russell Crowe is.

The actor who had in the past expressed his desire and impatience to see Leeds United back in the Premier League was at it again once more professing his love for the club, this time on national television as he appeared on BBC1’s ‘The One Show’.

The ‘Gladiator’ star who was promoting his band’s tour revealed that the choice of Leeds as the venue for his gig was more of an indulgence on his part as he had always been a Leeds fan. The 53-year-old’s commitment to Leeds was more than clear when he delivered Leeds famous punchline ‘We are Leeds, aren’t We?’

Via @Walmot, Check out the bit from the show below –

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