Pic: Tottenham fans go dark with a controversial banner about Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso

While banter has always been a part of football and serves to spice up the competition between teams, a recent incident involving a banner made by some Tottenham fans seemed very very controversial to say the least.

The banner aimed as a dig at Chelsea player Marcos Alonso, makes reference to the Spaniard’s drunk driving case in 2011 where a female passenger in the car in which Alonso was driving died after a car crash.

Alonso, who was then playing for Bolton was reported to be driving with alcohol levels in his body twice as much as that of the permissible limit.
The Spaniard eventually had to pay a €61000 fine along with a three-year driving ban.

Check out the banner from Spurs fans below –

Via CaughtOffside

6 thoughts on “Pic: Tottenham fans go dark with a controversial banner about Chelsea’s Marcos Alonso”

    1. It doesn’t even look like it’s been taken in England. Why would any Spurs fan go to all that trouble of designing and making that banner?
      A Tottenham fan may have posted it but the people who originated it must be pretty pissed off and I can think of plenty of other more likely targets for Spurs fans.
      Are people who re-post it just as guilty? Or even those that comment on it can (including me) be a bit wrong for doing so. Something just doesn’t add up.

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    2. I said that in another post on the subject but it was pointed out to me by someone more familiar with the ground that that is definitely Huddersfield’s stadium in the background. Obviously I hope it is not us but as the idiot who shared it demonstrates we have no shortage of moronic fans, like any club.

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  1. It was a Spurs fan that posted it on twitter , his name is Craig Almond and he goes by the handle Yiddo 75 . Glad to see most Spurs fans have objected to this . Every club’s supporters have a few idiots .

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