(Video) Rangers fan throws a drink over Conor McGregor for singing a Celtic tribute song in Glasgow

Having been relatively quiet post his bout against Floyd Mayweather, UFC superstar Conor McGregor once more made the headlines with his appearance in a special Q&A session in Glasgow.

And the outspoken fighter who has on more than one occasion garnered attention with his brazen attitude once more did the same, this time though for footballing reasons.

The fighter who is known to support Celtic did not hold back in professing his allegiance for the Bhoys as he taunted Rangers and sang a Celtic tribute song at the event.

What conspired afterward was a result of the deep Celtic-Rangers rivalry running in Glasgow as one particular spectator, suspected to be a Rangers fan threw his drink over McGregor unable to take the sight of the fighter singing the Celtic tribute.

Check out the video below –

5 Replies to “(Video) Rangers fan throws a drink over Conor McGregor for singing a Celtic tribute song in Glasgow”

  1. The Deludead,Doing it The Sevconian Way.BEHIND THE BACK!!!just like Oldco.If this Turd had jumped on stage and threw it about Conor,I,d have says Fair Play to Him.I mean FFS Conor literally wears a Tri Color going to the Octagon,What do these Delusional Fools Expect’Simply the Best,lololol…Conor What a Bhoy…Keep up the Mhagic Conor.Doesnt take much to stir a Rotten Rodent.Manchester springs to Mind.HH 2 The NOTORIOUS 1…

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  2. Och poor wee confused Deluded Hun.Just wondering if it was pissed off with Conor for showing his Allegiance to a Club thats Very Much Alive.Was the Hun in Question an Oldco Fan or a Sevco Fan.What with all the confusion about Sevco are Oldco.When in Reality Oldco are Tatti Bye Bye to that Big Liquidated Gig in the Sky.Three Letters On There Grave,RiP….This is the Absurdity thats present in our Game at the moment.We must never Ever Let the Turdish Forget.OLDCO NO LONGER EXIST!!!!!

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  3. It makes me laugh, the fans of these two pisspot clubs hurling insults and singing their cretinous sectarian songs at each other, in a language no-one (including them) can understand. Fucking morons.

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