(Video) DreamTeamFC’s new video feat. Tottenham striker Harry Kane going viral for all the right reasons

The notorious ‘August Curse’ was vindicated yet again for Harry Kane this season as the Spurs striker went on to score a whopping 13 goals in September.

The curse coupled with Kane’s September resurgence has rightly garnered a lot of media attention and fanfare throughout the past two months and it yet again come to fore with a latest video by fantasy football game DreamTeamFC which has since gone viral on social media.

The hilarious video features a compilation of video-clips with Kane’s face superimposed on the persons in the clips. While the superimposed Kane flops terribly at different situations towards the beginning of the video (referring to the striker’s barren August run), it gets a whole lot better for him in the second part of the video where he is seen triumphing in epic proportions.

The video quickly went viral with Spurs fans loving every bit of the hilarious piece, especially the bit with Poch at the end. Check it out below –

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