Pic: Old boy Diego Costa spotted being active on a Chelsea player’s Instagram

Diego Costa is quite the character both on and off the field and his time at Chelsea would be a testament to that.

And perhaps a bizarre end such as his at Stamford Bridge can only be considered befitting for the controversial forward. Costa has now re-signed for Atletico Madrid following a £57 million transfer. Although he would only be donning the Rojiblancos shirt in January after their transfer ban has been uplifted.

However, it seems the forward is still following his former teammates on social media as he was spotted commenting on Michy Batshuyai’s post.

After Batshuyai had posted a photo with a “good night” caption, Diego decided to reply with “Safadinho”. The Spanish word roughly translates to “naughty”. A baffled Michy who couldn’t quite make a sense out of it, replied “que aso” meaning what that?

Aah! What was Diego thinking? Check out the screenshot of Diego commenting on Batshuyai’s post:

Via @prampsy1905

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