(Video) It turns out Liverpool star Sadio Mane is a savage in FIFA as well

A video featuring Sadio Mane kicking an opponent on the pitch seems to have gone viral on Twitter recently. Well not the real Mane again, but a digital version of him in FIFA this time.

The virtual Mane can be seen putting his boot right on the face of an opponent while reaching for a high ball. And it seems fans are not missing the opportunity to troll the Liverpool number 19 as he was associated with a fairly similar incident a few weeks back.

The Senegalese forward had been involved in a freakish accident with Ederson when Liverpool met Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium in September. Both the players were contesting for a high ball when Mane landed his boots on Ederson’s face. Quite similar to the video.

Check out the video of Mane kicking his opponent in FIFA 18 below:

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