(Video) Liverpool podcasters remind everyone of the kind of behaviour needed for the Man Utd game

Season defining moment approaches for LFC

A rivalry which stretches beyond footballing realms, the showdown between Liverpool and Manchester United is set to play out at Anfield this weekend.

While Manchester United have been near invincible, Liverpool’s form has been erratic to say the least. The international break has brewed up a quite a cauldron of expectations as Jurgen Klopp’s men look to make a statement against their bitter rivals.

As both teams are expected to vie for the top places in the league, LFC podcasters The Anfield Wrap have delivered a strict warning to club supporters to be at their uncompromising best when they welcome their visitors from Manchester.

When most rivalries seem to be declining, it serves a reminder of what this famous contest has stood for since the inception of Premier League and before.

Clearly a throwback to the old times, this battlecry may just be the start of a war at Anfield on Saturday –

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