(Video) Jordan Henderson’s non-reaction to this incident was a major point of concern for Liverpool fans

If it was Steven Gerrard, Romelu Lukaku would probably not have an easy time after his atrocious barge into young Joe Gomez during Saturday’s 0-0 draw at Anfield.

But luckily for United, it seems the current Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson hasn’t got the same fiery nature. Time and time again Liverpool fans have questioned Henderson’s credentials for being the Kop’s captain.

When it’s Liverpool v Manchester United, you would want your captain to be a strong assertive force on the field. This wasn’t the case when the big United striker wiped out Gomez in front of Henderson, who did not even had a word with Martin Atkinson regarding Lukaku’s cavalier tackle.

Roy Keane, Steven Gerard, John Terry etc. epitomize how a team captain should be, and from watching Henderson lead Liverpool, it seems like the Englishman has a lot of catching up to do.

Check out the video of the incident below –

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