(Video) Tottenham fans unleashed their new Moussa Sissoko song in Madrid and it’s a belter

Tottenham fans looked pretty confident ahead of their all-important Champions League tie against Real Madrid as the visiting Spurs contingent lit up the streets of the Spanish capital with their singing last night.

The fans also unleashed their new Moussa Sissoko chant that was so appealing and funny that it went viral on the social media moments after the video was posted online.

The lyrics of the song were not only meant to praise their in-form French midfielder but it also involved the former Tottenham Hotspur player Gareth Bale who currently plays for Real Madrid.

The song went – “Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go, Who Needs Bale, When You’ve Got Sissoko”. Check it out below:

Via @charlielloydt

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