Pic: Arsenal star getting absolutely lambasted online for this post on Twitter

Selfie time goes all wrong for Theo Walcott

Arsenal supporters were still reeling from their capitulation against Watford last week when Theo Walcott decided to post an update about his progress in the gym.

Daft as it was, the winger further compared his training time to the amount of sweat which in reality was scarcely visible. Walcott, who is yet to start for the Gunners this season got berated for his lame attempt to showboat on social media.

A time when their team is looking for leaders on the pitch, the English international is a beacon of unfulfilled potential so frequently associated with Arsenal Football Club. Furthermore he is yet to justify his inflated wage packet of £140,000 as supporters legitimately clamour for a revamped squad.

Not the most clever sense of occasion and words from the injury prone number 14 as once more Arsenal find themselves playing catch up this season.

Check out Walcott’s tweet below –

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