(Video) Cult hero Pontus Jansson taking on the whole Bristol City bench during Leeds’ 3-0 win yesterday

Leeds United defender Pontus Jansson might be having a tough time on the pitch, but he certainly knows how to serve the club and the fans in other ways.

The same was evident from his sideline spat with the Bristol City substitutes in the Whites clash with the Robins on Saturday, when Jansson took on the whole Bristol bench all alone following a heated melee between Gaetano Berardi and Matty Taylor which saw both of them being sent off.

The incident happened in 78th minute when Taylor was fouled from behind by Berardi. Taylor was quick enough to react to the challenge and went into a brawl with Berardi, who in turn headbutted the Englishman. This enraged both sets of players, and the referee had to intervene before sending both the players off.

Jansson, in the meanwhile, went prowling at his City counterparts and had to be taken away by a couple of United players as well as a steward. Check out the incident below –


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