Pic: Dejan Lovren has deleted all Liverpool related stuff from his Instagram bio

Dejan Lovren turned up with one of the most woeful performances from a defender and was duly substituted by Jurgen Klopp in the first half itself during the 4-1 loss against Tottenham at Wembley yesterday.

And as an aftermath of that, it seems the defender has now removed Liverpool from his Instagram bio as well as removing his profile picture. People are also unable to comment on his pictures as well.

One also has to feel a little bad for the Croatian though, with seemingly the whole world against him, including his teammates it would appear as nobody shook his hands when he was substituted yesterday.

Check out a screenshot of his rather blank looking Instagram bio below –

Via @RF9Firmino

5 thoughts on “Pic: Dejan Lovren has deleted all Liverpool related stuff from his Instagram bio”

    1. I soooooo wish it was that simple. The club’s chances of ever pushing forward with these idiots in charge is close to nil.

      Everyone could see that Lovren is not fit for purpose, yet he continually makes the starting line up (a decision made easier considering the alternatives in fairness), so how does the club deal with such an onvious problem … give him a raise and a long term contract!

      That speaks for itself!

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  1. Conceding an average of three every away game is atrocious and, it must be said, these defensive issues have been here for several years. Lovren, like Sakho, is an accident waiting to happen game after game yet has been fireproof for years for some unfathomable reason. Matip is not much better, Klavan is simply not good enough but we paid a sum total of about four million for those two so expectations couldn’t be high.
    Klopp has had two full years to solve this well-known weakness, that is FOUR transfer windows, yet he knowingly and deliberately went into this season with three failing, average at best, central defenders, a LB who can’t defend, no defensive midfielder and three goalkeepers who are rotated but still look error-prone every time they pull the jersey on. How the hell didn’t we get Pickford????
    And now, two years down the line and with the defence looking worse than ever the manager is supposed to be keen on getting Gerard Dellofeu, the former Everton bench-warmer. We desperately need a new keeper, we are screaming for Robertson to get a go in the team, we need TWO new centre backs, we need a top defensive midfielder and we need a striker . . . and he wants ANOTHER winger!!!! Now at the stage when I want him OUT, to be replaced with Gerrard and Alonso, a dream ticket of two who love the club and who have played for the best teams in the world.
    If Klopp is happy to keep rotating garbage in every defensive position, and can’t see the glaring weaknesses in the team, he has to go. This season is already more-or-less over after nine league matches.
    We won’t be in the top four at the end of the season, the Europa thing might even be beyond us, van Dijk is going to find Arsenal a much better destination if he wants European football, Can will be off and Coutinho will be gone soon because they won’t win anything at a club that can’t defend and refuses to get rid of poor players. God, I’m depressed . . .

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  2. All these bullshit is caused by Klopp. He has every opportunity to put the defence in order but chose not to. How can you have for two years, a champions attack and a relegation defence?

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  3. It’s so frustrating being a Liverpool fan. The American owners need to do the right thing and sell up to a group that has visions … or the appetite to buy success!

    We are being run like a business and I just can’t seem where things will improve.

    We are purchasing players from mid tier teams … so why is it surprising we play like one. It’s an irreversible joke which gets funnier with each season that goes by.

    Who in their right mind would want to join a circus of a club. We need Middle Eastern owners that can financially bully world class stars into joining, because we are no longer a decent prospect for anyone other than mid tier players who have a little ambition.

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