(Video) Tottenham’s Harry Kane taking the mickey out of his haters during the FIFA awards last night

Spurs forward Harry Kane has emerged as the most potent weapon in England’s arsenal for the upcoming FIFA World Cup, 2018. However, some overly stringent critics seem unimpressed with Tottenham’s number 10, branding him as a mediocre tap-in merchant.

Although time and again statistics have confirmed that such allegations are way wide of the mark, rumblings seem to persist, questioning his ability to emulate twinkle-toed merchants such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

So much so that Kane, took a sarcastic jibe at his naysayers remarking that his tap-in style of goalscoring will render him unsuitable for the BEST Awards.

Clearly the striker has had enough of this notion that just doesn’t seem to go away and this was his way of tackling this inadvertently perceived myth.

Check out the video below –

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