(Video) Alex Iwobi turned a time wasting Norwich player into a fidget spinner during Arsenal’s 2-1 win last night

Eddie Nketiah’s brace in his debut appearance for the Gunners was the talk of the town as Arsenal came back to win the match 2-1 in extra time against Norwich City in the Carabao Cup last night.

Another player who shared the limelight, albeit for not all the right reasons, was Alex Iwobi, who lost his temper at a time wasting Norwich player.

With the score 1-0 in the favor of Norwich until the dying moments of the match, Norwich players were happy to waste time and hold on to the result.

However, this frustrated most of the Arsenal players and finally, Alex Iwobi reciprocated by grabbing his opponent by his shoulders and twirling him around like a fidget spinner after the referee awarded Arsenal a free kick during a moment in the game.

Although the incident appeared to be funny to most of the fans watching, Alex was lucky enough to get away without being punished heavily by the referee.

Check out the moment below –

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