(Video) Jan Vetonghen’s appetite for a goal summed up with this reaction after Tottenham’s 4th goals v Liverpool

Though his goalscoring record over the past few seasons has faltered his reputation of being a goalscoring defender, Tottenham center-back Jan Vertonghen’s offensive inclinations are still a regular feature of the Spurs number 5’s style of play.

This was just the case in Spurs’ 4-1 demolition of Liverpool last week. In particular, an incident involving his reaction to Spurs’ fourth goal of the match precisely highlighted Vertonghen’s voracious appetite for goals.

The defender was seen ruing the clearance of his attempted shot at goal despite Harry Kane converting from the clearance. While his team-mates ran up to Kane to celebrate the goal, Vertonghen was seen writhing in agony at failing to score from the opportunity.

Check out this reaction below –

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