(Video) Absolutely vile Tottenham fan caught on cam throwing a cup full of urine at West Ham fans at Wembley

Disgraceful show of character from Tottenham Hotspur supporter

West Ham shocked Tottenham to turn around a 2-0 deficit at half time into 3-2 victory in their round of 16 clash in the Carabao Cup. The involvement of London clubs meant this was always going to be an uncompromisingly heated affair.

However, one Spurs fan took it too far. With the home team supporters stunned into silence by West Ham’s comeback, it seemed the Spurs supporter couldn’t bear with the away section’s celebrations. To get his own back at them, he flung a cup full of urine into the travelling support.

The audacity to execute such an illicit activity at the Wembley stadium certainly validates an investigation. Rivalries tend to produce some spectacular on-field clashes however incidents invite tension for all the wrong reasons.

For an elite club such as Spurs, they need to come up with an intolerant and strict reply to this villainous act.

Warning: Extremely graphic NSFW content up ahead –

Via @TheFootballRep

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