Pic: Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard with some lovely words for Rangers and Ibrox after the U19 win

It was yet another setback for the Rangers Development Squad as they suffered a 4-1 defeat against Steven Gerrard’s young Liverpool team at the Ibrox stadium.

Adam Lewis, Bobby Adekanye, Liam Millar and Rafael Camacho were amongst the juvenile Reds to register their names on the scoresheet.

The Liverpool legend was delighted to watch his boys perform so well against a formidable opponent. Stevie was charged up all throughout the match and backed his side with all that he could from the touchline.

After the match, Gerrard took to the social media to applaud the Rangers’ management and thanked them for inviting his Liverpool youth squad to enjoy the experience of playing in an iconic first-team stadium like Ibrox.

His words were much acknowledged by the Rangers fans and the Liverpool legend pulled in loads of love from the social media for his act of gratefulness for the opposition.

Check out Gerrard’s Instagram post below –

5 Replies to “Pic: Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard with some lovely words for Rangers and Ibrox after the U19 win”

  1. Not To Bad For a 6 yr old Club,Training faclities and Stadium at there disposal when they were formed.Reality is,Sevco arent Oldco thats why this Shower of Globe Trotting Keek are just That,KeeK.Strip The Titles From Oldco.It wont affect Sevco,There 6 Yr history is safe,Till They are Liquidated.Here We Go 10 In A Row.HH…Long May Sevcolona Agonise Over There,Plight.GIRUTHC

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  2. LoLoLoL,Oh Look Sevco still making out They are an Undead Club hahahahahahahahaha……Oldco Then Sevco Now Scotlands Shame Forever…..The Lying King Typifies a Real RainJurZzz Man..Constantly Obsessing Over Anything and Everything GREEN n WHITE!!!!!HfckingH

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  3. Pedro,You’ll be Well Missed.The Dogs are Still at the Crumble Dome Barking,But the caravan has moved on.GonFor55Pence,3 Managers in 6 Year History.Must be Majic being a hun.Awrat money on crap players and world renowned managers.We at the most Successful Team in Scotland are Wondering’What happened to This Chase and Back at the top of the League were you’s Imagine you Belong.No more EBT”s or any other cheating schemes to do an Oldco,Thats why in reality your Club is exactly what it is,Mediocre at best.And thats complimentary.Aberdeen Hibs Kilmarnock Hearts and the 2nd oldest club in Glasgow(Partick Thistle) will be all over you 2nd Rate Cheats,Like a Rash.Why dont Sevco just get Guardiola and a few hundred million on players,Problems Solved.lolololol

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  4. Got to laugh RANGERS liquidated had to start at the bottom now back in the SPFL 3rd in first season back not bad despite Pedro’s failure. But with SEPTICS boy’s club history big Jock knew and the disgusting youth coaches do to kid’s what the priests at the Vatican have been doing for centuries SEPTIC should have been closed down mate abuse is a serious and illegal and totally disgusting and would be ashamed disgusted of my club and never set foot in their stadium again let alone follow them and have the cheeky to gloat on there financial turmoil sad sad people.

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