(Video) Dele Alli had no comeback to this brutal taunting from Ashley Young during Man Utd 1-0 Spurs

Manchester United stretched their gleaming form at Old Trafford as the Red Devils silenced Spurs in a 1-0 win courtesy of a late goal from Anthony Martial yesterday.

The game was cagey and had a few feisty encounters between the two sets of players. Midway through the first half, Ashley Young and Dele Alli had a heated exchange of words as both the players stared down each other’s face following a fifty-fifty ball that went Spurs’ way.

Although the United left-back didn’t win the ball for his team, some amateur lip-readers think that Ashley Young might have won the verbal duel with his fellow Englishman hands down.

The 2-time Premier League winner apparently said “come back when you win the prem” at Alli during the altercation .

Needless to say the Spurs man didn’t have much of a chance of a comeback after that. Watch the moment below –

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