(Video) Spine-tingling display from Rangers fans outside the Murrayfield Stadium yesterday

Absolutely glorious scenes outside the Murrayfield Stadium yesterday as the Rangers fans gathered in numbers and made their presence felt after their Premiership tie against Hearts.

A video captured thousands of Gers supporters celebrating their away win in grand style, singing songs and drum rolls setting a vivacious atmosphere around Edinburgh that sent chills down the spine of those who witnessed it.

Kenny Miller, wearing the captain’s armband for Rangers, scored twice and created the third for Josh Windass as Rangers came from behind to notch a 1-3 win in their first match since Pedro Caixinha was sacked.

However, it was the Rangers fanatics that stole the show with a thunderous display of support and affection for their club.

Check out the goosebumps inducing video below –

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  1. Ther that desperate to be like Celtic ther stealing ther songs , have these peepole have any shame at all , then these new clubs need songs why not nick some from the most successful team from the country, and who would blame them for singing some tunes like the best fans in the world , official

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