Pic: How Jordan Henderson changed the game for Liverpool against Huddersfield yesterday

Captain comes up big for the Reds

Liverpool’s form seemed to have deserted them since trampling Maribor 7-0 in the Champions League. A frustrating 0-0 draw against Manchester United at home followed by a 4-1 battering by Spurs at Wembley had put Jurgen Klopp’s side under all sorts of pressure.

Huddersfield Town were proving hard to stifle with some stubborn rear guard action against the probing Reds attack on Saturday. And it came down to a subtle sense of space by Jordan Henderson as he signalled Bobby Firmino to make a well timed run and eventually create the chance leading to Liverpool’s opener.

Liverpool transformed into an entirely different team after their opener, netting in two more to put a dreadful October behind them, thanks to none other than their captain Jordan Henderson who might have reignited their Champions League ambitions.

Spotted brilliantly by The RedMen TV’s @ThePaulMachin, check out the moment Hendo signalled at Firmino to make a run –

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