Pic: Tottenham fans have an early favorite quote from Mauricio Pochettino’s new book

Spurs manager strikes a chord with his new book

Mauricio Pochettino’s journey since embarking on his managerial trail at Espanyol has brought him to the Premier League. Tasked with converting Spurs to a genuine Premier League force, the Argentine has done extremely well.

His recently released autobiography has attracted a lot of interest from the ardent Spurs followers. One excerpt from the book in particular seems to have resonated with the readers with many waxing lyrical about their manager’s philosophy. Pochettino talks about his views on player management and his lack of belief in castigation in the popular paragraph.

A time when modern methods seem to have overridden the grassroots of footballing perspective, the Argentine dives deep into the encapsulated realms of nurturing talent that he is renowned for, turning players like Dele Alli and Harry Kane into world class players.

Check out the excerpt below –

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