(Video) Philippe Coutinho going through the Brighton players like knife through butter during Liverpool win

Liverpool reminded everyone that they shouldn’t be written off from the title race just yet with an emphatic 5-1 victory over Brighton.

Brighton did not deserve the humiliating result as the hosts started the game brightly, but were blown away by the masterclass on display from superstar Brazilian duo Roberto Firmino and Philippe Coutinho.

Coutinho in particular was playing at the top of his game, scoring a brilliant low free-kick and breaking ankles at will throughout the game.

One such run particularly highlighted the Brazilian’s display on the night after he went through the opposition like they weren’t even there and would have probably ventured further but was brought down by a retreating Brighton defence.

The class was just oozing out of Coutinho throughout the game and the performance only enhances his reputation as one of Premier League’s best player.

Check out the run below –

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