Genuinely one of the most disrespectful video one could see on the internet. It doesn’t matter how bad Arsenal have performed under Arsene Wenger in recent years but one just doesn’t go around and abuse such a highly respected figure like that.

Not sure if the video is real of fake as Wenger seems to walk away without being visibly affected by the aggressive outburst.

But the fact that this was put together for sharing on the internet is an utter disgrace.

Check out the video below –

  1. what a brain dead moron this guy is !! He thinks he is funny !! this is why the club has collapsed fans like this have no place at the club !! just glory hunters not real supporters !! Arsenal Fan TV has killed the players week in week out and the Wenger out Banners and the Wenger out chants have done nothing to help the players or club… You can tell these scum have never played football before !! no other club in the premier
    league has a Fan station like this !! that is why they have still got their clubs doing well !! Arsenal are finished whilst we have supporters like them!! even if you get rid of Wenger these guys will still kill the team every time they lose and draw…. doesnt matter what Manager comes this lot will kill them !!!

    1. I completely agree, win or lose, I will always support Arsenal. Wenger has been an outstanding Manager and has always had Arsenal close to his heart. I really hate these illiterate so called supporters, who unfortunately, we collected during the glory years. I wish this scum, would support someone else. Like Mr Wenger we are a classy club, and do not want these people!!

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