We’re going to show them exactly what money can’t buy

Both Liverpool and Manchester City were perhaps not that excited when the draw for the UEFA Champions League semi-final match-ups took place on Friday, as the two sets of supporters were probably hoping for much more of an European adventure.

But it seems the fans are slowly warming up to the tie, especially the Reds, as a coach greeting before kick-off at Anfield is being arranged and the number of shares on the tweet shows they are truly pumped up for the fixture.

The City contingent are not going to be comfortable with this at all. Check out the details of the coach greeting on the 4th of April below –

Via Twitter

  1. Brilliant. The pigshit thick Scousers have just told the entire law enforcement community (who all they will already be on first name terms with, of course) where their poor attempt at civil disorder is going to take place, and they will no doubt be dealt with accordingly. Nobody likes a scouser, especially not plod.

    In reality, I imagine the worst thing that will happen is that the bus will have it’s hubcaps stolen.

    Say goodbye to Europe, you bin dipping losers, and say goodbye to Salah in the Summer – if he doesn’t come to City rest assured he’ll be off to another big club. Just like Coutinho did.

    Enjoy your great history la’s, we’ve got one of those too – difference is we’ve got a future as well.


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