(Image) Embarrassing for Rangers as forward Michael O’Halloran gets spotted watching the Cup final with Celtic fans

Celtic became the first Scottish club to achieve consecutive domestic trebles after they defeated Motherwell 2-0 to clinch the Scottish Cup and bring an end to another wonderful season in style.

The Hoops fans created a wonderful atmosphere for their team throughout the match but a member of the crowd in the stadium raised a lot of eyebrows.

Rangers forward Michael O’Halloran who saw his team get knocked out by Celtic in the semi-finals of the Scottish Cup, was surprisingly seen sitting among the supporters in the Celtic end.

The Gers man faced a strong backlash on Twitter from the Rangers fans who strongly condemned their player for having the audacity to watch their biggest rival’s match amongst their supporters.

Nor a pretty sight if you are Rangers supporter, check out a snap of O’Halloran watching the Cup fiaal below-

5 Replies to “(Image) Embarrassing for Rangers as forward Michael O’Halloran gets spotted watching the Cup final with Celtic fans”

  1. ffs only in Sevconia is this Frowned Upon…The way the Hun Alliance treats its Managers Players etc,Beggars Belief.Lee McCulloch talking out his backside about disrespecting (RainJurZz)Sevco.Maybe just maybe if these clowns stopped for a minute and thought about it,Its only a football game,Leave the Politic out of it.RainJurZz lived in the 17th Century Now Sevco are just the same,They had a chance of a New Beginning A New Club etc,But Nooo,They have been living a Lie Since 2012.Scotland doesnt need a strong Sevco.Scotland doesnt need Them,Period!!!HFH GIRUTLOT

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  2. Sevco Scotland 5088 Supporters are needing to get a grip on Reality.The World of Football doesnt Evolve Around All at the Crumble Dome.So in a Sevconians Thinking,Kenny Miller plied his trade at the Biggest and Best Club in Scotland,The Old RainJurZz most fiercest Rivals Right Up Until The Club went into Liquidation and Died the most embarrassingly Humiliating Death.I,d say Miller pulling on the Legendary Famous Wonderful HooPs is worse than O Halloran watching his BhoyHood Heroes ffs,Sevco really really are in a desperate state of affairs the things they whine and moan about.Must be There Bad Week.Tampon Towers lolololololol…AnyHoo The Sevconian Alliance has thrown there last Dice with Stevie Blunder,There is just Nae Danger The Most Corrupt Club(Clubs)in World Football will get anywhere near the Bhoys Titles….We Do Winning,The Honest Way.This Is How It Feels To Be Celtic..10 Is A Certainty…HH and God Bless All The Rancid.There Bitterness is sooo Sweet to Hear.

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  3. Ian Maxwell is in charge at the SFA???We will know soon enough if he is his own boss or Not.If he deals with that Corrupt Disgraceful Club Accordingly,Then Scottish Football May just have a chance of Getting some Much Needed Respect,But to be Honest,I wouldnt hold my breathe awaiting a Fair Judgement on that Despicable So Called Club,(Clubs).Five Way secret Agreements etc ffs only in Scotland do the Lodgy Brethren get away with corruption and non Stripping of Titles.Who the Hell would seriously want associated with Victories through Blatant proven Cheating!!!!!!!But Then its not surprising when its the Bitter Bigotted Mob from the 1690s…..

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