(Image) Evidence that Tottenham are working at breakneck speed to finish the new stadium

After Tottenham’s initial plan of unveiling their new stadium against Liverpool on September 15th went awry due to safety reasons, their fans have been desperately waiting for any news regarding the date when the sprawling 62,000 seat arena will finally be able to host matches.

In what should come as good news to the supporters of the club, Spurs announced that while work still needs to be done over the coming weeks, the stadium will be opened at earliest opportunity as the delay had already resulted in “substantial additional costs”.

The North London club certainly looks like they mean business as a post on Twitter revealed the frightening speed at which seats are being installed in the stands.

If work keeps going on in such rapid fashion, Tottenham fans have reasons to feel hopeful about stepping foot inside the arena before the year ends. Check out the post that shows how Spurs are working at breakneck speed to get their new stadium ready:

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