(Image) Tottenham legend Graham Roberts involved in a Twitter spat with a fan for his praise for Daniel Levy

Graham Roberts is rated as one of Tottenham’s all time greats by fans of the North London club. In his playing days, the former defender wore his heart on his sleeve and always gave 100% for the cause. In the six years that he spent at White Hart Lane, Roberts led Spurs to two FA Cup wins as well as one UEFA cup win. Nowadays, the 59-year old is one of the team’s biggest fans, regularly attending Spurs games and always backing the team on social media.

As Tottenham fans who follow Roberts will know, the former center-half is very outspoken is his defence of current Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy and manager Mauricio Pochettino. While Pochettino is a fan-favourite among the Tottenham faithful, Levy still splits opinions in some quarters. This is why one Tottenham fan from Brazil decided to take issue with Roberts’ praise for Daniel Levy.

The fan in question posted a really insulting comment in response to Roberts’ defence of the Tottenham chairman. The Tottenham legend decided to engage the troll and give as good as he got, asking the fan to go away, in no uncertain terms. However, the fan continued to insult Roberts before several Spurs fans decided to intervene on Roberts’ behalf and defend him.

Check out the screenshots of the tweets below:

These kinds of incidents are common in the social media era where players are often subject to insults by trolls. While some choose to ignore it, others decide to engage the trolls. One thing is for certain though – Tottenham fans in general love most of what Roberts has to say about the club on Twitter and will be hoping this incident doesn’t make the 59-year-old reconsider putting his opinions out there.

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