(Image) This is not looking good – Tottenham legend Graham Roberts threatening a fan on Twitter

Tottenham’s recent struggles on the pitch – coming after an abysmal transfer window – coupled with the delay in the opening of their new stadium have left quite a few fans seething and they’ve been busy expressing their frustration on social media.

Over the past few days, one of Spurs’ all time greats, Graham Roberts has also been involved in a back and forth with fans on Twitter while defending club chairman Daniel Levy.

Roberts has given as good as he’s got while still maintaining his dignity, but the abuse seems to have become too overwhelming even for someone of his stature.

A fan has now uploaded some screenshots of a private conversation that shows him getting threatened by the 59-year-old former footballer.

Things are not looking too rosy. Let’s hope the much loved Roberts and supporters put the controversy behind them and get back to rooting for their team, especially now that they’ve lost three games in a row.

Check out the screenshots:

Via Twitter

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