Eagle eyed football fans on social media spotted something unusual during Rangers 2-2 draw against Villarreal in their Europa League encounter last night.

At first glance it didn’t look like there was something amiss with Ryan Kent’s shirt in the first half but a closer look shows that he was the odd one out amongst his teammates as the red and royal blue diagonal stripe that’s present across the front of Gers away jersey was in reverse order on the 21-year-old’s strip.

If that isn’t weird enough, Ryan’s shirt seemed to have corrected things and changed colors after the interval.

The Liverpool loanee was most probably wearing a defective jersey in the first half and changed when he realized his mistake later. Still, that’s just a guess and in no way is the mysterious case of Ryan’s shirt solved.

Check it out and spot the difference:

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  1. For all that’s happened at Ibrox during the last decade, the one thing which has surprised me is how the ‘Kit Controller’, Mr James Bell, has managed to hang on to his post. The man is incompetent. He pays no great attention to detail, belongs to another era and is long past his sell-by date. Versatile and funny he may have been to have had kicking around the place in a bygone era, but now he should go…
    The Rangers FC should dispense with his services immediately and get someone in who can do the job and doesn’t hang around the place like a bad smell.

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