One of English football’s perennial debates in recent times has been about whether Newcastle United can still be classified as a ‘big club’. While the North-Easterners are one of the best supported clubs in the country, consistently selling out their home games at 52,000-seater St. James’ Park, they haven’t won a major trophy since 1955.

The debate has become even more relevant recently due to the club’s poor performances in the Premier League. The Magpies have been relegated to the second division twice in recent years, and although they’ve bounced back immediately both times, they are still consistently involved in relegation battles. So, it came as no surprise that talkSPORT decided to debate the topic of whether the Magpies can still be classified as a ‘big club’.

Danny Murphy when discussing the question at hand with broadcaster Ian Abrahams, opined that while Newcastle are a well supported club, they cant be classified as a big club. Abrahams however took it a step further and said that the only reason Newcastle are well supported was because there was nothing else to do in the town. Abrahams went on a rant about there being no attractions in the area and that attending Newcastle games was the only thing the residents of the town could do on the weekend.

Needless to say, this comment didn’t sit well with the residents of the town. One person who took issue with the comments was Newcastle goalkeeper Rob Elliot. The 32-year-old who has spent seven years at the club, put out a passionate tweet, calling Abrahams’ comments unacceptable.

Newcastle fans will love how their No.2 leaped to their town’s defence. Check out his tweet below:

It’s clear from the tweet that Elliot is not just passionate about the team but also about the town, after having lived their for a while now. Newcastle fans would have certainly appreciated his passionate response to Abrahams’ needless provocation.

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