Things are finally looking somewhat in place at Arsenal as Unai Emery’s plans for the club are beginning to take shape after the Gunners extended their winning run to seven in all competitions under the former PSG boss with their latest 2-0 victory against Watford.

While the match remained scoreless for most of the 90 minutes, a late own goal from Cathcart and a slick finish from Mesut Ozil two minutes later bagged all 3 points for the North Londoners. The win takes Arsenal to fifth in the table, on equal points with bitter rivals Spurs and after a lackluster start to the campaign things are finally starting to look up for the club.

But while the result in itself would have pleased Gooners, a bizarre bit of commentary from Tony Gale has displeased large sections of supporters as the pundit went on to criticize Lucas Torreira for being on the receiving end of a foul by Watford skipper Troy Deeney for what he perceived was a deliberate attempt to con the referee.

Check out the clip here:

As clearly seen from replays, it’s quite obvious that the Uruguayan is the victim and not the culprit and Gale’s view on the whole incident has understandably perplexed and angered several Gooners on social media following the match.

  1. Gale made an utter and complete idiot of himself throughout the match.

    At around 20+ minutes, Ozil made a good pass near the oppositions box, having been playing deep nd having intercepted and brought the ball out from close to our own 18 yard box on at least 2 or 3 occasions by then.

    According to Gale the pass in the attacking position was his first touch of the ball!?!

    Later on, after Ozil had been tracking back and bringing the ball from deep on several occasions, Gale claimed Emery wouldn’t be putting up with the lack of effort from the likes of Ozil?!?

    Perhaps the public shouldn’t be tolerating poor and lazy efforts from so-called co-commentators like Gale?

    I have a suspicion that Gale wouldn’t recognise Ozil if he walked past him in the street.

    Its that or perhaps Gale wasn’t watching the game at all, or he’s indescribably thick, or he’s just dishonest and has an agenda.

    I wonder which it is?

  2. Tony usually is unbiased but yes this is bizarre. Sounds like someone who only watch games and have no idea how the game is played. Toreira could have had his leg broken on that play. Announcers should stay away from rooting for either team.

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