(Image) Why English actress Michelle Keegan’s personal trainer was trending amongst Rangers fans

Actress Michelle Keegan has a fairly large legion of fans across Britain. The 31-year-old is most famous for playing Tina McIntyre in the hit ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Now it looks like the award winning actress has further added to her fan base, in the form of Rangers supporters. This week Michelle Keegan was pictured taking a walk with her personal trainer, who was spotted wearing Rangers’ training merchandise. Rangers fans online certainly didn’t miss the opportunity to gloat.

Some Gers fans who are fans of Coronation Street, were hoping that her trainer would convince Michelle to try a Rangers top. Others were struck at how good the quality of the training kit was, and were wondering how Michelle’s trainer got hold of the kit when Rangers fans themselves have had trouble acquiring quality merchandise recently.

Check out the images and the tweets below –

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