(Video) The ugly incident between Tottenham fans and the students from Middlesex University after Barcelona defeat

After Tottenham’s 4-2 defeat at the hands of Barcelona at Wembley, things got a little ugly as some home fans were involved in a clash with students from Middlesex University.

The incident occurred when about 70,000 Spurs fans, still reeling from the disappointing result, were making their way home and while nothing is clear, it seems tempers were flared after some fans took offence to comments being shouted by a group of students from the university’s balcony.

The fight appeared to have spilled inside the campus as people allegedly came to blows.

Footage of some of the happenings on the night has now been uploaded on Twitter with both parties putting the blame on each other.

Seems like a case of two wrongs as there’s just no winner in this one. An unfortunate and absolutely avoidable incident.

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